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Meet the maestros behind the cameras . . .

When You Hire Ambiance Studios for Your Wedding Event...

At Ambiance Studios, we've built our lives, and our business, around wedding photography, and our many accolades go to show our love, passion, and commitment to our work and our clients.


After the first detailed sitting...

•After our detailed, initial consultation, we stay involved and engaged. We check in with you from time to time to see how your plans are coming along, and make whatever adjustments necessary on our end to accommodate your needs. We look for opportunities to assist you - whether it's pertinent to your wedding photography or not. We have solid relationships with all sorts of people in the wedding industry, and are happy to call on them in a moment's notice for you..

back up the back-ups.

On the eve of your wedding day, while you're preparing, rehearsing, reviewing . . . so are we. We're checking our gear and backups. Charging batteries, clearing memory cards, testing and packing our flashes and studio lights, and we're talking. Always talking. Ideas. Perspectives. Angles. Locations. Backup plans. We're just as detail-oriented passionate about your day as you are. • back up the back-ups. Only then is our day over.

The Photoshop at work..

Within a couple of days after of your wedding, we begin processing your photos from start to finish. This can take anywhere from 10-40 hours, depending on how much time we spent with you on your wedding day. Remember, we process each and every photo individually - each is its own work of art. We don't just 'tweak' or batch-process your photos. So much more goes into turning an already beautiful photo into perfection, and, in some cases, we draw out the beauty in imperfection.


Once Complete

Once complete, your photos will be placed in your password protected, online gallery. You can begin sharing with your friends and family, and they can begin purchasing, admiring, and reliving your captivating event..

The Motion continues...

The video starts processing as soon as we receive your selections for the music & songs you like. We will deligently down load your selections check them for quality and prepare the first time line. so that when the project takes shape it will become a peice of art.